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The Superior Soldiers
We are a Medal of Honor: Heores 2 gaming clan for the Nintendo Wii. We aso are starting to play other games than just Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.. like Super Smash Bro's Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.

Rank Site In Out
26 Star Force Legends
59 516
Where legends are born. Right now we play SSBB and Mario Kart Wii, but once Conduit comes out we gonna play it as wee.We will play any Wi-fi games if we can, so Come join us and be a Legend
27 Dragon Soul Clan
55 486
We are a Nintendo and Microsoft Clan, We are really supportive to our members and are a very strong clan.
28 Elite Shadows
52 265
One Of The Best All WiFi Gaming Clan And Comminity,Come And Join Us.
29 Ultimate Fatalities
52 295
We're a Brawl clan alsongside divisions for MP:H and MK Wii. Our Brawl members are friendly and unique and of course, skilled. Come check us out.
30 Queens Regnant
50 176
An active clan in Brawl, MK Wii, and Pokemon. We are an all girls clan, but males are welcome to join our brother clan, The Royal Knights. Visit QR today!
31 TGN The Gamers-Nation
48 339
TGN is the ultimate gaming community.......come interact with fellow gamers and have fun.We have weekly tourneys, an arcade, tons of chat rooms and many active members. rn
32 Radiant Abyss
45 388
We support basically any online game, we play for fun so check us out, main games are Halo 3, MOH, and soon SSBB
33 Twilight Battalion
43 265
Twilight Battalion will soon be well known! Join us as we climb the competitive gaming ladder!
34 Wii Troopers
40 540
Wii Troopers...currently ranked the #1 clan in all Wii wifi games. We focus on dedicated, advanced gaming, with a professional attitude. WT promotes free-thinking and teamwork to enhance our member
35 Team Aeon Kairos
37 120
Come join Team Aeon today we WILL reach the top
36 Passion Of Elements
37 310
A great site to be at! when your here you should always find a match in no time at all!(when its active that is! lol)CURRENTLY LOW MEMBERS!
37 Wifi-Stadium
35 292
Wifi-Stadium comes from a group of dedicated and loyal users who decided to expand themselves. We're a new clan and are always looking for new members (regardless of your skill) and/or challenges. Ev
38 Crimson Brigade
31 120
We are Crimson Brigade! We are fairly new but looking for strong recruits. We are not just a warring clan, we are a family. We will also be holding clan tournaments as we get new members.
30 251
cool clan that play for fun always looking for new member ''join our army''(ssbb,mohh2,msc,gh3)
40 The Elite Shadows
29 164
"While most people stick to the light, WE stick to the shadows."
41 Smash Strikers
29 302
We aim to be the best of the best. Join Today!
42 Pro Brawlers
27 153
Welcome to Pro Brawlers, where everyone is accepted. Good or bad, we train you to your top condition. Please stay a while, go on the forums, hang around the Chat Box. Everyday is a brawling day here.
43 Forgotten Memory
26 353
Join us in the battle of the best for Super Smash Bros Brawl. FM also supports several other games, and is open to ideas. We will be hosting several multiclan battles, wars, and bracket rounds.
44 Gamespot Heroes
24 293
Official Site of Gamespot Heroes..we play both MOHH2 and soon SSBB..wanna challenge us..drop by are chat box on are site and let us know.
45 Neo Gamer
22 210
Its a not full brawl but its a fully gaming site.
46 Elite Destruction
22 484
Come join Elite Destruction, a very active brawl clan that's always looking for new challengers. Come and try out for the clan with one of our testers! If you dont make it we gladly will help.
47 DinoX Clan
21 244
DinoX IS NOT DEAD! DinoX took a temporary break, but we're back, I assure you. AT least I am, please, if you're looking for a clan, there's not better than this one. We are active, here the date is
48 Octavarium Clan
21 302
Join the official Ocatavrium Clan site and forums!!! Come join in on great SSBB clan matches and tournaments. We also play other popular titles like Halo and Metroid Prime Hunters.
49 The Kontsent
20 141
A brawl clan like no other!
50 Clan Anbu
20 219
Welcome to Clan Anbu where we push everything we know to the limit!We Brawl hard,We Work hard,and We train hard! Anyone is allowed to join this Clan.

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