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Team Aeon Kairos
Come join Team Aeon today we WILL reach the top

Rank Site In Out
26 Passion Of Elements
37 310
A great site to be at! when your here you should always find a match in no time at all!(when its active that is! lol)CURRENTLY LOW MEMBERS!
27 Wifi-Stadium
35 292
Wifi-Stadium comes from a group of dedicated and loyal users who decided to expand themselves. We're a new clan and are always looking for new members (regardless of your skill) and/or challenges. Ev
33 251
cool clan that play for fun always looking for new member ''join our army''(ssbb,mohh2,msc,gh3)
29 Crimson Brigade
32 120
We are Crimson Brigade! We are fairly new but looking for strong recruits. We are not just a warring clan, we are a family. We will also be holding clan tournaments as we get new members.
30 Pro Brawlers
27 153
Welcome to Pro Brawlers, where everyone is accepted. Good or bad, we train you to your top condition. Please stay a while, go on the forums, hang around the Chat Box. Everyday is a brawling day here.
31 Forgotten Memory
26 353
Join us in the battle of the best for Super Smash Bros Brawl. FM also supports several other games, and is open to ideas. We will be hosting several multiclan battles, wars, and bracket rounds.
32 Gamespot Heroes
24 293
Official Site of Gamespot Heroes..we play both MOHH2 and soon SSBB..wanna challenge us..drop by are chat box on are site and let us know.
33 Elite Destruction
22 484
Come join Elite Destruction, a very active brawl clan that's always looking for new challengers. Come and try out for the clan with one of our testers! If you dont make it we gladly will help.
34 DinoX Clan
22 244
DinoX IS NOT DEAD! DinoX took a temporary break, but we're back, I assure you. AT least I am, please, if you're looking for a clan, there's not better than this one. We are active, here the date is
35 Neo Gamer
22 210
Its a not full brawl but its a fully gaming site.
36 The Kontsent
21 141
A brawl clan like no other!
37 Clan Anbu
20 219
Welcome to Clan Anbu where we push everything we know to the limit!We Brawl hard,We Work hard,and We train hard! Anyone is allowed to join this Clan.
38 Legendary Brawlerz
18 287
Kinda new clan. Needs more members. Always accepting new members. We have wars every weekend. Possibly during the week if we get more members.
39 Scion Knights
17 152
We are the Scion Knights. We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. We have clan wars and tournaments often so check our site out or even try out.
40 wii Colony
17 168
We are the wC clan. We are a Call of Duty: world at war clan. This is what we are mostly gonna play, but we also play moh:h2, ssbb, and mkwii.
We are growing very fast. We could be the next best clan.
41 Art of Wii
17 288
Wii would like to pwn...
42 Eternal Alliance
16 201
We are an All-Around Wi-Fi Clan, our main games are SSBB, MK Wii, MOHH:2, and MP:H, come check us out, because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!
43 Dawn Legends
15 193
We are the Dawn Legends. A Super Smash Bros. Brawl Clan. Join us!
44 Continuum Shift
15 113
We are a new Brawl CLan looking For members and Mods and ACTIVE people we also hold oturneys and give away wii points and other stuff come check us out!
45 Heroes of War
14 280
The Heroes of War is caln for SSBB, and MOHH2. We are the newest and freshest clan with your leaders KrazyZeldaFan & HoW-Heroes
46 True Allies
14 187
we are a elite new clan. we play brawl,mk,mohh2, other wifi games. we are always looking new members
47 Phantoms Creeping Brawl
13 196
Are you Tough Enough To Enter The Darkness Of This Clan The Darkness Is The Beginning Of Death If Phantoms Creeping Brawl Comes
48 The =SSBB Embassy=
13 178
Welcome to the growing =SSBB Embassy=! We have a neat forum with some pretty decent brawlers. No records as yet. Join us if you feel ready! Let the Brawl Commence!
49 Departed Soldiers
13 160
We are here to dominate and become one of the best wii clans. We play mohh2,brawl,mk,gh3,cod5, other wi fi games.
50 The Last Alliance
12 273
A new clan that supports SSBB and many other games.

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