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Unforgotten Wii Soldiers
Wii Soldiers and Unforgotten Heroes have merged. If you need a brawl squad, come check us out now.

Rank Site In Out
76 Supersonics
9 403
A new, fun gaming community that focuses on having a good time. We currently have no required tryout, and arelooking for more moderators and admins. We need graphic artists as well.
77 AnaBrawlika
9 166
enghlish and german clan
78 DivinePhoenixFlares
9 421
A new clan who's opening day is 9/28/08. We are a mainly Brawl clan. But we minor in Mario Kart Wii, and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Play one of these? Join! Doesn't matter your skill level, we accept and train all. We are a clan of fun! That's all we do!
79 Unforgotten Wii Soldiers
9 119
Wii Soldiers and Unforgotten Heroes have merged. If you need a brawl squad, come check us out now.
80 SSBB Pro-Gamers
8 197
SSBB clan created by Pro-Gamers for Pro-Gamers.
81 Alimbic Legends
8 198
AL is a gaming clan with three main branches. Mario Kart, Brawl and Metroid. We have a friendly community focused on making you better.
82 FWC
7 150
The best Clan Ever Like they say if u cant beat them join them
83 WIiRevolution
7 242
All WiFi Games.
84 SoReal Brawlerz
7 173
SoReal Brawlerz A NEW Site For ALL Kinds Of Gamerz To Xbox360 To Ps3 To The Wii and Also A New CLan For All Good Brawlerz Called Da SoReal Brawlerz!
7 179
Quality over Quantity. More of a Club than a Clan.
86 wii Indestructible
7 246
War Record: 3-1 This is wii Indestructible Wii Clan filled with dedicated gamers who focus on the intensity of Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
87 Black Magic
6 184
We are a wii clan that is here to dominate. We are currently recruiting
88 Turtle Hermit School
6 285
My harsh training will whip you into shape. These training grounds are the only place where you'll meet the skilled Master Roshi and experience his teachings. Here you can train against the teacher,
89 brawlkingsforever
5 174
This is a clan where skill doessnt really matter we have pro's who can teach you how to use advanced techniques so tell you're friends and we'll see who's the clan is the best!!!!!
90 Gamersclan2
5 103
we are a top rank brawl clan with many things available. training, wars, tourneys with AiB, and more. we are okay with multiclanning but try to at least keep it to one other clan. other then that, Gc2
91 Critical Damage
5 166
Here to become the biggest and most active clan we can be. Only for the best. We will always have something going on to keep our members active.
92 Games for Girls,Mädchen,Filles,meninas
5 150
International free games Juegos,jeux Games for Girls, Mädchen, Filles, meninas,меню
93 Impact
5 118
Outgoing members, friendly gaming community, chat system, RPG, an Arcade, with a customized Casino. A quality new good clan, that is majoring in The Conduit, Pokemon, and Smash bros. Brawl. Both games in one badass Nintendo Wii Gaming clan!
94 Soldiers of Combat
5 108
SoC is looking for great SSBB players. Come to the site, and apply to join!
95 WhiteShadow
5 69
WhiteShadow, a Clan based on Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Mario Kart. We are currently accepting all members. Come by and check us out!
96 Wii Scope
4 68
A Wii Gaming Clan!
97 Brawl Allstar Fighters
4 152
Play with people online in SSBB to join you have to pass a test
98 The Superior Soldiers
4 279
We are a Medal of Honor: Heores 2 gaming clan for the Nintendo Wii. We aso are starting to play other games than just Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.. like Super Smash Bro's Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.

99 Shadow 5 Family
4 123
we are a elite wii clan that plays brawl,mk,mohh2,other wi fi games. We are currently recruiting
100 The Soldiers Of Vengeance
4 103
TSOV is an ultimate wii clan thats ready for battle and losing is not in our fate

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